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Imagine two villas, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards with a beautiful view of the valley extending from Spoleto to Perugia. The salt-water infinity pool and a large park offer its guests the peace of mind and quietness, typical for the Umbrian countryside.

With its hilltop location, halfway between Montefalco and Bevagna, the hotel has an amazing view of the entire Bevagna valley. It’s also surrounded by a large garden with a swimming pool.

B&B In Villa Hotel is located on Belvedere hill, 3 km outside Montefalco and only a 15-minute drive from the historic town of Foligno. Assisi and Spoleto are about 25 km away.

Our Vineyards and olive groves provide an opportunity for our family to produce a limited number of exclusive wines and olive oil; thanks to it, we came up with the idea of promotion and distribution of our first cold pressed olive oil “MATTINIERO”, because of its uniqueness and naturalness.

Mattiniero Premium

Tullio first cold pressed olive oil “Mattiniero Premium” is made from high-quality Moraiolo olives, that are collected daily in the early morning (from this comes the name “Mattiniero”) and then immediately pressed only with cold mechanical processing ( temperature less than 27 degrees).
We prefer to collect and process the olives in the early morning to avoid sudden changes in temperature. This allows us to preserve the holistic organoleptic characteristics of the product.
Only the best olives with the proper level of ripeness are selected.
All this process results in the intense and unique taste of the olive oil.
Color: green, light-golden shade.
Aroma: full-bodied and rich, with aromatic notes of mint, rosemary, and sage.
It goes perfectly with bean soups, roast pork, baked potatoes, risotto with artichokes, tuna tartare and various salads. It tastes delicious with aged cheeses, orange and tangerine sorbet.

Color / Packaging:

Mattiniero Premium
Wood Edition

Una collezione esclusiva per un extravergine di eccellenza.
Le bottiglie vengono proposte in cassette di legni pregiati (Rovere e Zebrano) che elevano questo grande olio ad autentico oggetto da collezione.
Un packaging esclusivo realizzato a mano da sapienti artigiani italiani.


Mattiniero Premium truffle
Wood Edition

This oil is obtained by combining two excellent products: Mattiniero Premium and the precious truffle that grows in our area.
It is available in high-quality wood boxes that helps to preserve the rich taste.
Adding this oil enhances the flavor of Risotto, soups, meat and fish dishes. Just a few drops of it will give a classic flavor profile to these incomparable dishes.


Mattiniero Premium
Limited Edition 200

First cold pressed olive oil with a strong and intense taste.
The result of pressing selected olives collected in the first week of Octobers, very fruity taste on the palate.
The collected olives are processed within 2 hours to preserve the characteristics.
It is a special line in a limited edition of 200 bottles for collectibles lovers.
The bottle in a rounded shape goes with an extra hand made solid wood cork.
The oil is stored in fine wood boxes, numbered and marked with a scorched mark.
Exclusive packaging for exclusive collectors.

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